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If you’re looking for the classic QFD Designer, you’ve come to the right place.  With tens of thousands of licenses sold, and a long history, you may have known the tool when it was sold by us as Qualisoft Corporation, years back.  We invented QFD Designer and originally, it was the world’s first QFD tool running under Windows.  Now on our 5th Version, it’s sold and managed by IDEACore.  We’re the same passionate QFD experts and developers here.

The offerings are expanded with the powerful innovation tool, TRIZContrasolve, which brings to life TRIZ’s Inventive Principles.  It connects to QFD Designer through the roof of any QFD matrix, where you explore contradictions between measures.

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WEBMine for Discovery

  • Online via Browser
  • Acquire Voice of Customer
  • Qualitative Insights
  • Quantitative Priorities
  • $129
    Perpetual License

    TRIZ - for Innovation

  • full access
  • TRIZ Principle Mapper
  • Integrates with QFD Designer
  • 39 Inventive Principles