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Is QFD hard to learn?

No, the documentation included with QFD Designer will give you some basic hints and tips.  You can also get lots of supporting details online.  If you have more questions, contact

Can I paste a list of requirements into QFD Designer?

Yes, it's easy.  Just make sure each requirements is separated by a newline character.  Then, you can use the Edit>Paste>Multi-Cell Down (or across if HOWs), to get the list into your matrix.

I have an older version of QFD Designer, How do I Update My Software?

Contact IDEACore LLC with your existing serial # and version # (from the About box) and we'll provide you details on how to obtain an upgrade.

Does IDEACore Coach or Train in QFD and related Methods?

Yes, please contact us at 248-433-3380 or via for further information about our coaching and training.

Does QFD Designer integrate with TRIZContrasolve?

YES. QFD Designer is the only QFD software in the world that allows you to directly connect your technical contradictions to the TRIZ Contradictions Table where you can evaluate hundreds of possible solutions. All it takes is a click from any negative interaction between design factors from the roof of your QFD charts and you'll immediately launch TRIZContrasolve to explore your exact contradiction. Any and all notes and settings in TRIZContrasolve are saved for future reference with your data file. And, with the network version, you can expand your TRIZ knowledgebase with your firm's proprietary principles.

What types of capabilities does WEBMine offer that relate to Product Development and QFD studies?

Our web application WEBMine for Voice of Customer gathering and discovery includes powerful tools like:

Paired Comparisons (forced tradeoffs) using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)that allow you to get the priorities of the customer's demanded quality requirements. You can enter the final calculated value right into QFD Designer.

It's also one of the only online survey tools of its kind with a built-in module for KANO Analysis to find excitement performance. You may find more about Kano Analysis here

Does IDEACore also create custom software applications and websites?

Yes, please contact us for further details. We've been inventing software for 20 years and use the latest Agile Development Methodologies. Call us at 248-433-3380 or email

What is the latest QFD Designer Version?

As of 2012, our latest version is Version for Windows 7.