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Inventive Problem Solving with Ease

This is TRIZContrasolve. This is the easiest software to use to introduce the power of TRIZ into your organization. TRIZContrasolve has automated the Triz Contradictions Matrix and includes all 39 Inventive Principles with colorful diagrams to get your creative ideas going.


This version is great for individuals.  It uses locally stored data on the user's hard drive.  If you want the ultimate team tool, choose the Network version.


It provides a way for all to contribute and learn.

  •  Uses intranet/internet data stored on your server or ours
  •  Posts new entries to a master file
  •  Increases synergy, all teams can access internally proven inventive principles
  •  Boosts corporate learning
  •  Makes "lessons learned" and "best practices" available to all

QFD Designer's Natural Companion

In QFD Designer, wherever you enter a negative correlation in the roof, you can quickly launch TRIZContrasolve with a click and carry over the competing measures for solution brainstorming. No other software integrates the power of QFD's prioritization system with the innovative problem solving of TRIZ.

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