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With over 20 years inventing software, our technology portfolio is rich. We have modules, building blocks, platforms, prototypes and commercialized systems in a huge toolbox of tech. We are actively seeking strategic corporate business partners and investors. If your firm actively teams on business development opportunities and alliances, or can otherwise act as a co-development partner, please contact us. Review our current robust platform family and you will undoubtedly spot many great concepts available to commercialize. Let's build on the synergies of an alliance, to not only lower your investment, but get all to higher, quicker growth and market penetration.


Our #1 priority is to form alliances that can facilitate broader commercialization of our patented Commerce Match(tm) system. Why not make your firm the first in its field to offer this uniquely interactive goal-driven shopping experience? Boost conversion rates, sell more on the web! We are seeking to partner with firms that market any of the following products online or setup IT infrastructure to help other firms that market products in any of these categories online:

  • cellular phones, smartphones and plans
  • computers
  • automobiles
  • electronics
  • HDTVs
  • digital cameras
  • health insurance
  • travel or lodging

More about Commerce Match

Contact us to learn more. IDEACore 248-433-3380 or


The Commerce Match method includes a design on a powerful new approach to goal-based eProcurement, to help your firm streamline its procurement practices. Now, purchasing staff can setup RFPs based on stakeholder needs and auto-score proposals accordingly. Purchase the right products and services faster with more accurate procurement administration, including contract management. Here, we are seeking:

  • business consulting firms
  • business process analysts
  • purchasing or procurement consultants
  • cost containment consultants

We're also seeking firms that may wish to pilot such a system. More about eProcurement.

Contact us to learn more. IDEACore 248-433-3380 or

Medical, Health-Care and Wellness

We also have several excellent medical and health-related technologies poised for growth. We are seeking to partner with firms or institutions having competencies in any of the following areas:

  • hospitals (especially children's hospitals)
  • hospital administration
  • nutrition
  • diabetes and/or obesity prevention (esp. childhood obesity)
  • wellness
  • health advocacy

Contact us to learn more. IDEACore 248-433-3380 or