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The IDEACore Team

Team Member

Joseph Craig


Our resident QFD expert has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering (Computer Engineering track) from Wayne State University in Detroit, and his MBA from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. His MBA focus was Corporate Strategy and Entrepreneurship.

Joe's background is diverse, spanning from software/hardware development and technical training to consulting and coaching.

He wrote assembly and PL/1 software on PDP/11 and VAX computers used in factory automation while at DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation). There, he also designed computer hardware circuitry to enable early networked communications between shop-floor devices. He has written software for teen entrepreneurship, vehicle design, and for General Motors, he created a financial simulation computer game used to teach financial management. Along with authoring and teaching robotics for GMF-Fanuc, he also authored and taught FMEA (failure prevention) courses for Saturn, Ford Motor Company and TRW Automotive.

In '89, he founded Qualisoft Corporation, one of the earliest Microsoft Windows development firms. Together with Bill Eureka and Larry Sullivan of partner firm American Supplier Institute, they launched the world's first QFD software for Microsoft Windows, QFD Designer®.

Joe has trained and coached in QFD for many Fortune 1000 corporations and governmental agencies like: US Army, US State Department, NASA, IRS, Raytheon, SAIC, Plug Power (a DTE Energy fuel cell company), Bama Foods, ClubCar, Navistar, City of Detroit and Caterpillar to name a few. He has continued evolving his experience, even adding a Black Belt in QFD(r), one more notch in his proverbial belt of knowledge. He also teaches our Voice of Customer Discovery course, explaining techniques used in the "fuzzy front-end" of product development and QFD. For Dow Chemical, Joe consulted in interface usability for global Six Sigma web application development.

He works closely with our clients to synthesize their Voice of Customer, help ing insure IDEACore programs deliver on market demands. Joe is a past member of the IBM Small Business Panel of Experts. He is a member of ACM. He is originally from Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

Jerry Deng
Jerry Deng
Software Engineer


Jerry is a degreed Computer Information Scientist with broad professional interests ranging from PHP Web Programming to Ruby on Rails, Java (J2EE, Struts 2, jMaki, JDBC) and Ajax/YUI/jQuery. Jerry has even worked with XML, C/C++, Flash ActionScript too, to name a few. Jerry wears lots of hats at IDEACore including pitching in with Sysadmin functions to make sure our infrastructure is humming, whether LAMP stack stuff or Microsoft-based.

Jerry enjoys work building social web software, solving complex puzzles, studying the art of computer programming and new IT technologies. Jerry also does some video editing and most people aren't aware that he even studied for the accounting actuarial probability exam.

Anton Djurasaj
Anton Djurasaj
Software Engineer

  Anton is a degreed Computer Information Scientist with broad professional interests ranging from
web development to hybrid cloud computing. Having taught himself BASIC on the Commodore 64,
long time ago, he realized early on what his true passion was. Later, through education, he was introduced
to Pascal and C, an experience that further cemented what he wanted to do.

Prior to his involvement with IDEACore, he was in Retail and International Trade
Management. There he learned how to get outside of his comfort area, research and learn effectively, and
apply quickly. Broad interests lie behind his broad skills. His next learning topic: Arduino.

In his college years, he continued on to learn Java and JSP, C++, C#, Perl, Visual Basic, JavaScript, XML.
His passion in explaining difficult-to-grasp topics lead him to assisting fellow students. He loved
it so much that he obtained his CRLA Certification. Among other interesting things, Anton did some
programming in RPG on IBM System I. On the database front, Anton has worked with Apache JavaDB,
Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. Recently, he is introducing himself to the NoSQL world
via MongoDB. Perhaps the best career move he made in his career yet is learning Ruby and Rails,
and using it since early 2008. All of that while here at IDEACore. Suffice it to say, he never looked back!

While not working hard to deliver business value and quality to our customers, Anton is either watching
movies, brisk-walking, visiting new places or fishing and enjoying the view of Michigan's waters, among other

Rob Worley
Rob Worley
Senior Developer

  Rob Worley - BS Computer Science, Director of Web Development. Our resident web software guru, Rob comes to IDEACore with almost two decades of software development experience, and over eight years experience developing applications for the web. Rob's IDEACore roots go way back as he was actually involved in the early development of QFD Designer in the '90s.  Besides being a PHP computer language virtuoso, Rob is also an esteemed author in the English language.  He has created several children's stories and his most recent book is Heir to Fire. He is a comics author, aficionado and webmaster of comics2film.  Read his bio for more.
Adam Lumsden
Developer Support

Adam Lumsden began here as a Technology Support Staff member as a high school senior intern from Rochester High School and the Oakland Schools Vehicle Design and Engineering Academy. After many great years of his capable support, he now attends Wayne State University. Adam is an avid automobile enthusiast. He is a board member of his local Mercedes Benz Club chapter as well as a committee member of the Meadowbrook Concours d’Elegance.

Robert Djurasaj
Software Engineer


Robert has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems/Software Engineering. He is our resident expert in web voting systems, having created several such systems. These online applications provide a way for professional peers in medicine, law and other professional service fields to identify their most esteemed colleagues.

He has leveraged his many skills including Ruby Rails, AJAX and JQuery to build several other very interactive web applications including online research study portals for community volunteers.

He also adds Java, C++, VB and C# to his technical toolbox and work with Eclipse, Apache Tomcat, MYSQL and PHP too.

Robert's communication skills made him a great college level Computer Information Systems tutor too. Adding to his broad experience, Robert has even created custom Microsoft Sharepoint portals while at IDEACore. And his excellent TCP/IP networking skills and hardware knowledge has earned him the reputation as the master computer system builder here at IDEACore.