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Get the Voice of the Customer with WEBMine

  • Speedier Six Sigma - DFSS
  • Get the "Voice of Customer"
  • Discover WOW Factors
  • Surveys in Record Time
  • Focus QFD's Fuzzy-Front-End
  • Make Better Decisions

In order to design better products and services, you'll need to assemble the needs and desires of your target market customers.  Some firms attempt this using traditional market research approaches which can be expensive and time consuming.  WEBMine lets you leverage the power of the web to reach out to your customers and assemble their needs and goals.  

It is So Easy to Use, No CODING . . . No hassles.

Become more interactive with your customers and employees.  WEBMine makes it happen.  The power of the web is here to stay, why not use it to "mine" for the "pearls of wisdom" which can be gathered from the members of your market. 

Need to develop a better product or service? 

Use WEBMine to survey the marketplace to understand their needs better.  Then, send the list of needs to QFD Designer and you've achieved unrivaled customer feedback.  If you wish, you can even export the data to a spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel or any other software that accepts data in the comma separated variable (CSV) format.

We do the hosting; no need for additional hardware or software! 

You can use WEBMine for all kinds of assessments including; ISO9000, Sarbanes-Oxley, Leadership, Lean Manufacturing, Customer Feedback etc.  You can even great Voice surveys using VoiceXML and it works great if you're building a kiosk.

    Build It - Get Survey's Online in Minutes!

    You define the look and feel: add logos, graphics, weblinks (URLs), color scheme etc.

    Enter questions in batch format or individually, even format using HTML

    Amazing! Branching of questions (skip patterns) done with simple Drag & Drop

    Select any Answer Type (e.g. Multiple Choice, Text, Numeric, Grid/matrix, Rank etc.)

    Test with a click

    Publish It - Send it to anybody, anywhere, anytime!

    1. Load eMails  2.  Enter invitation message 3.  Auto-broadcast (requires email program)

    Each surveys gets its own unique URL. Add a link to your homepage/website...

    Surveys can be posted in WAP format for wireless device data entry or VoiceXML format

    Visualize Results (VoiceXML capable)

    Review colorful bar and pie charts in real-time

    Filter reports on any question answer criteria

    Tabular report output options

    Export to Microsoft Excel

    Data is in XML format for easy exchange. VoiceXML lets you enter data or browse data using voice commands (requires add'l hardware and software)

    Make action plans

    Webmine integrates with our award-winning QFD Designer.  After you gather the inputs to QFD (e.g. prioritized Voice of Customer needs), send them directly into QFD Designer. There, you can draft your targetedaction plans or build new products and services to  WOW the market in win the lion's share!

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    Customer Focus & QFD

    • Customer segmentation
    • Qualitative Surveys for Voice of Customer Gathering
    • Quantitative Surveys for Voice of Customer Ranking.  KANO and AHP Pairwise Comparisons included.
    • Benchmarking and Competitive Assessments
    • Lower your travel budget with virtual QFD team meetings.  WEBMine lets you do the matrix from any web browser
    • Lost or key account follow-up
    • Reduce Marketing Research costs
    • Marketing effectiveness
    • Project follow-up

    Employee Feedback

    • Employee satisfaction
    • Evaluation of procedures
    • Evaluation of training courses
    • Exit surveys
    • Change management
    • Management reporting

    Team Consensus

    • A great way to achieve consensus is through WEBMine's Forced Tradeoffs/Pairwise Comparison ability.  Individual's ratings are merged and the "team" point of view is revealed.
    • Team members can rate project priorities from anywhere on the globe
    • Get feedback reports based on any categories that you define (e.g. Title, State, Company etc.)
    • Great for executive steering committees and setting strategies

    Decision Making

    1. Find the best alternative:  enter your criteria then the alternatives.  
    2. Take the automatic trade-off questionnaire. 
    3. WEBMine shows the alternative list in "Best Choice" order.

    Also, you can compile pairwise comparison entries from multiple respondents

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    "WebMine's support of the QFD process is fantastic.  I've never before seen such a comprehensive set of tools that includes Qualitative Surveying, KANO Analysis and AHP working together to speedup and simplify QFD"

    Mr. John Ochs, Consultant.  Former Director, Xerox Staff

    Quality Associates International

    "WebMine is extremely versatile.  We're able to use it to perform ISO-9000 and QMS Assessments at our clients"

    Bill Dobranski, Lead ISO/QMS Auditor

    B&L Innovation, Sweden

    "The future of product development necessitates the use of an automated tool to gather customer requirements across the web. WEBMine is that tool"

    Dr. Charles Lager, President

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    Motorola and TRW Automotive

    After a thorough analysis of competing tools, Motorola and TRW Automotive chose WEBMine for Unlimited-use Enterprise-Wide for their Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) and DMAIC Six Sigma programs.

    The City of Detroit

    The City of Detroit's Youth Connection employed WEBMine in the Mayor's Kids Cops Clean program. WEBMine was used to prioritize city program requirements, taking into account the needs of various stakeholders in the community, including parents, city administrators, children, teachers etc. After viewing results, one team member remarked "this is the first time in over 8 months I've felt such a catharsis based upon the greater understanding of project goals introduced by this process."

    The U.S. State Department

    The U.S. State Department employed WEBMine as a requirements ranking tool in their critical agency-wide messaging system redesign project. After using the tool in team meetings, one attendee remarked "this was great! This technique insures that we achieve consensus and remove obstacles that occur due to personality conflicts and where people advance the interests of their own special pet projects. It insures an objective approach to decision making."