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  • Speedier Six Sigma - DFSS
  • Get the "Voice of Customer"
  • Discover WOW Factors
  • Surveys in Record Time
  • Focus the Fuzzy-Front-End
  • Make Better Decisions


QFD Designer

  • Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)
  • Customer-Focused Designs
  • Power QFD/Concept Selection
  • Strategic Plan Deployment
  • Optimize Resource Allocation .
  • Stellar Product Development



  • Improve designs quickly
  • Solve design contradictions
  • Design on budget and in time
  • Save development money
  • Spot breakthrough principles
  • Tap lessons already learned

The Catalyst Suite - The products above can be purchased together as the Catalyst Suite, a license of all our software tools together in one integrated package.

To learn more about how these products work together, watch the video slideshow below (only works with Microsoft Internet Explorer)

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See how to use WEBMine, QFD Designer and TRIZContrasolve together

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  • Slash FMEA Time up to 50%!
  • Diagram Failure-Prone Interfaces
  • Focus on Control Parameters
  • Analyze Dissatisfiers First
  • Spot Component Dependencies
  • Auto-generate Baseline FMEAs

Enterprise Assessment Builder

  • True Variable Scale Ratings
  • Site, Division & Enterprise Rollups
  • Roving "In-The-Field" Data Entry
  • Continual Improvement Module
  • Enables Best Practice Sharing
  • Supplements Your Existing QMS

Patient Quality of Life System

A HIPAA compliant, hosted solution for patient medical data collection and management – It builds complete patient records comprised of empirical medical procedure data and assessments from your specialty gathered from your patients on your predefined schedule over the web. Query all data as needed. Lower costs and boost administrative efficiency.

Risk Assessor

  • Based upon newProd Research
  • Based upon the Delphi Method
  • Empirically Validated
  • Focus on Key Issues
  • Prioritize Decisions
  • Full Risk Assessment

The Goals Software

  • Draws your Wheel of Life - visualize balance
  • Build your Dream List
  • Save your Master List of Goals
  • Complete Goal Planning Worksheets
  • Copies Action Steps into Goal Tracking Sheets