About Us

Where Did the Name IDEACore Come From?

QFD tools and techniques, which we specialize in, help you identify the ideas and factors which are at the core to higher provision of customer’s needs.  For this reason, we are named IDEACore because if you use our toolset, you will Discover, Design and Innovate in accordance with those core IDEAs. From one more viewpoint, when you perform a QFD type anaysis, you zero-in on those factors which are most highly related to delivering the customer needs or goals. If you think of all the control factors as your full set of IDEAs on how you can optimize you design, after you perform your QFD analysis, you find your most important design factors, the “core” of the idea(s).

The “Success Centered Technology” Mission

To provide simple but powerful technology solutions and assistance for our clients that helps them exceed their customer’s expectations in product and service development, leading to their higher success and profitability.

Thanks to our customers of 20+ years!

One of our favorite company antiquities that reminds us of our roots, is a Wall Street Journal article from 1990, concerning the launch of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, in which Bill Gates lists our company (then Qualisoft) as a supporter.

Over the ensuing years, we’ve been fortunate to work with the world’s greatest companies through the years, learning all the way.

We would like to thank the many scientists, product development professionals, engineers, quality directors, systems engineers, professors, consultants and visionary executives for your unwavering professionalism and integrity through the years; and for your open lines of communication and feedback, from whom we have been lucky to learn through the years.

We have all of you to thank for pushing us to be more rigorous and the resulting excellence of our tools.

Corporate / Institutional Alliances – Joint Ventures – Investors

With over 20 years inventing software, our technology portfolio is rich. We have modules, building blocks, platforms, prototypes and commercialized systems in a huge toolbox of tech. We are actively seeking strategic corporate business partners and investors. If your firm actively teams on business development opportunities and alliances, or can otherwise act as a co-development partner, please contact us. Review our current robust platform family and you will undoubtedly spot many great concepts available to commercialize. Let’s build on the synergies of an alliance, to not only lower your investment, but get all to higher, quicker growth and market penetration.


Our #1 priority is to form alliances that can facilitate broader commercialization of our patented Commerce Match(tm) system. Why not make your firm the first in its field to offer this uniquely interactive goal-driven shopping experience? Boost conversion rates, sell more on the web! We are seeking to partner with firms that market any of the following products online or setup IT infrastructure to help other firms that market products in any of these categories online:

  • cellular phones, smartphones and plans
  • computers
  • automobiles
  • electronics
  • HDTVs
  • digital cameras
  • health insurance
  • travel or lodging

More about Commerce Match

Contact us to learn more. IDEACore 248-433-3380 or


The Commerce Match method includes a design on a powerful new approach to goal-based eProcurement, to help your firm streamline its procurement practices. Now, purchasing staff can setup RFPs based on stakeholder needs and auto-score proposals accordingly. Purchase the right products and services faster with more accurate procurement administration, including contract management. Here, we are seeking:

  • business consulting firms
  • business process analysts
  • purchasing or procurement consultants
  • cost containment consultants

We’re also seeking firms that may wish to pilot such a system. More about eProcurement.

Contact us to learn more. IDEACore 248-433-3380 or

Medical, Health-Care and Wellness

We also have several excellent medical and health-related technologies poised for growth. We are seeking to partner with firms or institutions having competencies in any of the following areas:

  • hospitals (especially children’s hospitals)
  • hospital administration
  • nutrition
  • diabetes and/or obesity prevention (esp. childhood obesity)
  • wellness
  • health advocacy

Contact us to learn more. IDEACore 248-433-3380 or

Building Better Software Quicker

Give us your tired, your poor, your muddled masses…of applications that need a new start. Or, give us new unexplored territory, ideas you have for new applications.

Have IDEACore build your new system to get the latest thinking in application development at a phenomenal cost structure.  Our build-out costs way outshine traditional IT firms and we’d wager, your internal development costs too.  The real kicker is that have been inventing software for 20 years, so you get the latest thinking from top-notch computer scientists and seasoned business specialists.

No other firm combines our rich knowledge of customer-driven engineering and software skills.  We built the world’s first Microsoft Windows application for customer-driven engineering or Quality Function Deployment (QFD). That application is called QFD Designer and is now on Version 5.  We released Version 1.0 way back in 1990 as one of the earliest Microsoft developers.  QFD Designer is now in use at thousands of firms globally including many of the Fortune 1000.  Volkswagen thought highly enough of QFD Designer to have us translate the entire application into German. Dow Chemical uses it enterprise-wide, as does Eaton and Dow Corning to name a few. IBM even standardized on QFD Designer for its Six Sigma consulting work.

In the custom realm, take Lockheed Martin for example.  They wanted unique Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) system blended with data-driven interface and sub-system diagramming.  We created FMEA software for them, according to their exacting specification. Or, take Harley-Davidson as another example.  We created a quality assessment tool for enterprise-wide use at Harley-Davidson.  We built a multi-departmental database for Michigan’s largest pediatric hospital, Children’s Hospital of Michigan. You can see more of our portfolio in the slideshow at the top of the home page.

We have also coached around the globe, in the realm of customer satisfaction and requirements.  Research shows that most I.T. systems fail from improperly specified requirements, so we can apply Quality Function Deployment (QFD) to your project, to insure high performance and to prevent missed requirements.  Most other firms quickly jump in and code in ad-hoc manner. The result is incomplete, under-performing designs.

Our better attention to requirements management means we learn your Voice of Customer and your use-cases, and we prioritize our findings. This way, we build future-proof systems that can evolve.  Our history in Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) means we proactively design around pitfalls that most other firms don’t spot till after launch. Our designs connect well with other software to, for better integration and data sharing.  Our systems are easier to update.  Our systems get careful aesthetic/visual design and information architecting to be sure they are easy for your staff to learn.  You get to productivity faster.  Above all, we keep your business goals front-and-center, because to succeed, good technology must delivery business results.

So, give us your tired, your poor, your muddled masses…of applications that need a new start. Or, give us new, unexplored territory, ideas you have for new applications.

Just be sure and set us free to solve problems of scale, your largest problems and challenges. IDEACore will make sure it gets done right.