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Have us build your new system to get the latest thinking in application development at a phenomenal cost structure. Read More...

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Our applications span a wide range of subjects like DFSS, QFD, Voice of Customer, TRIZ, FMEA, medical etc. Read More...

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LeanFMEA LeanFMEA $1,250.00
QFD Designer - Named User QFD Designer - Named User $895.00
TRIZ Contrasolve TRIZ Contrasolve $129.00
WEBMine WEBMine $195.00
QFD Designer - Concurrent User QFD Designer - Concurrent User $2,495.00

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IDEACore appreciates your business. If you have any questions or would like to make contact with us, call us at 248-433-3380 or email You may also email for technical support issues.